Notes from a Suga Free Concert on a Random Summer Night in Santa Ana

Legs smashing floor staying up straight. Watching from same spot posted up. Drunk revelry. Man escorted by security personnel. Young and energetic. Little security with the brains of the operation calls his baby Huey big boy with biceps the size of cantaloupes. I’m 6 feet 2 about 250. He makes me look like a waif, thin and frail. Suga Free joins his Pomona possee on stage. Highly anticipated but late start to performance. Past 1 am – I got up at 4 am that morning for work. Working on interstate Route 23 in a giant land of freeways goliath in scope. There is billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements in Southern California so wrap your head around that when you look at the cityscape we take for granted. Suga Free, one of the hardest working independent artists and Rap icons EVER! I fell into fandom later than most. Met his pops in North Hollywood. He grimaced. Didn’t make connection until later that his pops gets badmouthed in Street Gospel. His pops seemed like cool people, with his homei. We talked family as I was mobbing around with my blood brother. Suga Free is musically phenomenal with such street harmony. He is a voice of the margins, the under-represented. A modern day Iceberg Slim with spoken word. West Coast musical pioneer with that groovy pimped out style all original though. He challenges the square minded to see another side of their other half. Just another mind state spoken. Truly hilarious entertainer. Legend of G-Funk like Warren G, Dre, Snoop, Kokane and the late great Nate Dogg. This show had some really dope opening acts. That is my main get down: cool show around my B-day to chill, soak in the music and not do anything but post up and people watch, drinking my jammo on the rocks.

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