Chloe 70 (A Collection of Poems)

Long Glass of Optimism

Punchline of smile

Some sweat drops to thigh

Trapped, sealed lips and laps

Run under that marathon smile

Van Nuys hot sky.

Supply me some time to dance in

Time so dizzy and sleepy

Like sugar melts to tongue

I want you like a ton of

Bricks of you,

My seventy dollar princess

To this romantic fool.

Arm over Paradise

Slipping into wet darkness

Of possessed Gods with

Gleeful ruin at mouth

Mush me into madness

Drive me, robot trucks!

Handle loads with boots

And primitive bumper teeth

Kiss me whole world! Just this day?

Movie Kids’ Maze

Some twisted trails bar anvil

Just crush the thin vows of my will

Jotting down your shy bells, lacy limbs

And vowels so much spin

In your trance told well

Pretty toes, painted jail

She likes collect calls

To her tales told sleepy

Of nods from the blind man’s lust

Just prisoner to cravings

Swing into the maze of movies

Just give me your opportunities

And I will make you

Wonder my each plan

Movie star looks long ago

Star man with age and experience

Stares that now he senses

Those broken hearts torn

In smiles with thorns and a rose

Torn into seventy Chloes just

Bring me home to your

Seven hundred worries every where

Tieing your panties into frilly knots.

Corner Pocket Posies

Cornered in with consequences

Just inept with posie senses

Flowers with velvet touches

And just enough to sway

Votes  on mattress of contempt

Temptation silhouette with

Slow regards with fast life three songs

Just the tip of things that tick

Sick love heroine, love sick green

Give me day to fix my muse

Is my mission moonlit

Smiles minutes before Christmas

And axe with her eyes when dares

Swallow my fears to a corner

That old corner grind

Feeling helpless with posies

Twisting ties with smiles and lies

Tell me this is special no difference.

Pogo Mission

Anthem and jewels

Nothing but drinks to ceiling

Folding together on floor

So much fun when it’s left

To no feelings just the iceberg

With learning and lettuce

Raking money piles in a sty

Touch the sky with more bounce

Break it up alive and high

Strut to the ceiling

But she is holding the sky to limits

With dancer and a pogo mission.

Distant at First Glance

Distant lover puppy eyes glide

To the back of a bay with tide

Money hook on today and on you

Stole this moment from nest

Just quietly sharing a kiss

Of our shared breath

You felt the words grow distant

And silence brought angel with

Hands stretched wide, heart sounds

Love with a glow of your skin

Makeup mark-ups, tinted glass

In the back of class bright man

Sunless smile but so quick

To invade your tangled senses come

Fly on the furious train,

Race horses and planes, Pacific sky.

Sweetie in a Sty

Sweet pie, rake in mouthful of memories

And drink a measure of sanity

Just an hour away with

More opportunities: Me??!!!?!

With a smile, intense look

Telling you more

About what you must do

With commands of

A no hat fool

Pencils drawn to portrait God

Gobbled with groans and regrets

Like a sea opening up to saints

You pushed Chloe to hunt Moses

Fainting, passion expelled

Quiet and tense listening to mess

Of many relationships fractured

With threats of “I’ll be back”

Codes with locks and nowhere is best

Underpass swimming in stress

Drug teams with back packs and tents

Pressing images of broken homes and

Hearts in head

Just come quietly, spread

God’s butterflies into red tie event.

Sway to the Corona of paupers

Instead of royalty.

Money trees have bitter bark

Dogs by trunks with roots adrift

Buckling mortar, brittle morals

When she walks by with stiletto heels

Crushing plans like heavy boots.

–Saleem, August, 2021

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