Tupac and Johnny J (RIP) – Homeis Unidos for Black and Brown Unity

Tupac and Johnny J (RIPs)

An under-represented story in Hip Hop is the strong alliance between black and brown artists in the production of the Hip Hop scene and music. In the South Bronx, Crazy Legs and other Puerto Rican B-Boys and B-Girls were doing headspins to Grand Master Flash and them. In every neighborhood, blacks and brown people co-exist albeit sometimes with conflict.

I was reminded of that this weekend talking to a youngster explaining to me of black and brown tension in his High School. I said that don’t believe the lie, if blacks and brown weren’t united how did Johnny J work side by side by Tupac for all that time?

He really didn’t have any answer except tomorrow he will go back to school and deal with the reality in front of him.

With that, I put this Spotify Playlist down to remind people that blacks and brown people do get down together, make money and make legacies together. The music in playlist was produced by Johnny J and lyrics written by Tupac with other features.

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