Talib’s Twitter Labotomy

Melo Miles – Talib’s Twitter Labotomy

“Talib’s Twitter Lobotomy” REMIX lyrics (Written by Melo Miles on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021)

Something alive/grows tired/high wire act/switch blade is facts/just watching a book store close/the apple of our eye/fading away/why/Talib Kweli’s Twitter lobotomy/high rise/down to the wire/like Snupe/Baltimore chops/high in sky/like that’s so raven/drop by/walk by/scattered slugs from sidewalk/small talk/stink bomb squad/serenity sweep/my ears with Kweli/poised to fight/with African drums/punch lines/and lump sums/rapping with no contract/is free style/with stage fright comes the night/now you call out your brother to spite your sister/Twitter took the voice of another Mister/Love the glocks/these blocks like tinder/for bloodshed to whisper/hopeful spender/the devil got the tightest pussy/she wears prada/too many of my homeis died for nada/too only in the eyes of fiends and flies/and feuds/spar/except on Van Nuys Boulevard, are lords are scarred/set on their neck is uniform war/locked up in little time with no car/locked up in little time/the race is over no pit stop high/30 years/for keeping secrets of peers/life cuz red tape and little crimes/living off the rep built with nines/and two years away from 5th grade/to switch book smarts/streets pops went from keep them grades up to keep the weight up/big Pacific Ocean/where the big fish scale is the only star/Talib Kweli the rap star/charred Black Star Liner/Marcus Garvey save me/don’t sell my stakes and hopes/Africa, our homeland is within chase/like tongue to taste/please put that animosity away/I see you’re doing too much in the way/stubborn/got to always be right/just act right/no script without tears/don’t get snuffed off Melrose Place/for a bluff/it’s a dice game/Slauson sky lines/Bishops and Swans/lost baby when Bebop was on Daddy’s radio/silence is when pawn gets caught in California penal colony/like Kafka/bugging/talking out of pocket/like baby mama trippin/but sweetheart is the mercy of the melody/don’t sweat the Tekniks/born on the edge of ledges/spiraling fire cases/Gotham paces/this energy here is menacing/society/drakeos/stink like rotten in Denmark/like con to mark/sticks/O-Dog with his pistol grip his only lips/twist caps/no Mickey Mouse just Mickey’s/hoe giving out hickies and kisses/O-Dog out patrol car on Centinella/lost home to Cinderella/praying for off spring/got taste of the gang scene/mob capital in Hollywood is off screen/and no one wins/when hood sniper gets paid/baby boy to predator/please Kweli make peace with riddler/and you won’t get surprise like too much liquor/getting into another Twitter feud/causes lobotomy/rest anatomy/laying low with ear buds and smart water/

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