O’Dog’s Dilemma Part 1 (20 minutes in)…

Melo Miles – O’Dog’s Dilemma, Part 1 (20 minutes in…)

Liquor store to get spirits/another hood spiritual/live by the code gospel/sex, lies and video tape/get pull/been around before Ray Jay dug out Kim/fool/Korean store clerk/say hurry up and buy/every damn time/O Dog loves his momma fine/all is quiet with trust at home/stressed two jobs no phone/juggling motherhood/Jordan Downs/emptied out/ hate on hounds/touched the violent prone/respect on the go/O Dog take Old English to head/no country grammar/instead/when you stuck with a hammer/on camera/big city/no focus/3 dollar purchase/turns blood bath/small task/clean out register and go/video for the homeis to show/glow/laughing High School memories/no letter man jacket/homeboy/got stripes/more crazy than straight jacket/pious to Cross/Watts riot/no hope/when your freedom is attacked/like drone/military tactics/to control the poor/antics/pressure/Caine’s daddy had a bad temper/uses force/when money is short/the childhood of a hustler/money collecting with a revolver/fast lane how you want it/mama with a habbit/no wonder woman/when addicted to heroine/respect gone in a second/when the body builds up anger/crack homes/for red line zones/Caine’s daddy/drops buddy/5 years in the joint/turned cold cadaver/sit down take drink/plays hand/cold when grim reeper/comes after/judged by twelve/midnight/to dwell/The High School half step/diploma make family proud/half truant/sell dope with no stewards/titanic clips emptied on Broadway/kid in big wheel/Caine look after homei’s seed/in the game/American dream/home and fresh cut lawn/grandma and grandpa welcome home/black gangster like Donald Goines/ma and pops gone/but cousin Harold got the drop top/fists fly on lawn/another dice game gone wrong/same song/car, crib and grip/makes an atomic dog get lit/spit for strip teases and money clips/miracle with tempo/like what’s ya phone number/buy low, sell high is the hustler anthem for summer/eve got a new G 5/all she do is look lovely like/thirst trap like bee hive/grab thigh/video tape murder spree/O Dog is the craziest young G/America’s nightmare/young, black with no cares/don’t give fuck/no truth just dares/can Allah save the flesh from drama/consoled by corner/cooler got the courage/Saint Ides, the patron of Florence Avenue/Introduces crew/to late night avenue/who got snaps on the petro/mini van pull up so Harold let go/Crenshaw and another slow light tempo/car jack hello/lost life to another fellow/homeboys react too late/pick up homei off maze/Caine is losing too much blood/before graduation day/and too many bloods lost before graduations and prom dates/tussle two nights before tassle parade/throw up the caps/streets congrats/slap dominoes/like delivery/child holds their own/with chrome/and another O Dog facing dilemma/do I react to the pressure/hatred for another teenager/and now we ring in the new year/shots go off/baby born in 2005/class of 2022/street code, catch 22.

This verse is called O’Dog’s dilemma based on Menace II Society character from the Hughes brothers’ classic movie.  I took notes through the first 20 minutes of film review.  What is his dilemma: does respect come with violence?  Is being the craziest hood in the hood the best way of survival or will a bigger killer take him out?  How long can a violent person last before a more violent person catches them slipping? Is it worth spending the rest of your life in prison for unchecked anger?

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