Farewell, Lacey Summer Bay to the Ice Mauve (Poems)

Farewell, Lacey Summer Bay to Ice Mauve (Poems)


All fair well

Take word for



Strolling lanes

Games for Lacey

Lining up jewelry

Man’s best enemy

Special when not

Special cheap prize

Money making Picasso

Depend on the Ice

Torch and tan

Mid mild, black

The aged lame

Ice is talk

Very what it is

But never had a

Real feeling

Cry stable

Ice on horse

Lazy man system

Gambled out

The game

Cuz even loser

Is still in the game

But retired and flunked out

Touch roots with moon

Bats over Broadway blonde

Drinking best out of spirits

Toast to no nose

Daddy candy cane

When it hits

Her blood stream

Just wanted to be wanted

Like Ayesha Curry

Prison to Prada lane

Sweet ice kiss blow

Old Maybe depends on me

Choosy toes need

Ballroom slip.

Can’t Trust on Ice Mauve Hole in Wallet

So it goes top of the show

Figures go ballerina swan toll

Up and at the top of

The stove is the heat

Figured feet to concrete

Got to get the pockets swole

Purse manager, zip coins

Get bit coins

Your life for five dollars

Not on it like Luniz

Confection ice

Can never a heart

Bright thump red

No feelings get

All her feelings

Dummy devil pie šŸ„§

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