Trap Door (Verse 2 of 10)

Quenched thirst/plate getting bigger/abs work/slip into beverage/all my hope/squandered by liquid dope/scope is clear/trap door with full gear/in and out rear/drop top in the here/on out going all out/fish out of water like Mike Trout/angel of Buena Park/give me Mickey’s beer/passes to get her baby Disney ears/the price of El Chapo money/is clear/smart with a license in fear/get more done with a smile and a gun/want to get fries with that rock/pack back pocket/wallop for notes/C notes for fiend’s hopes/he missed his daughter’s birthday to get high/sweep right/clockwork dime/the keys to life/is look fine/bells chime/chin check/promoter for your rap money/bumping me on speaker box/west coast talk

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