Trap Door (Verse 3 of 10)

Plug say an hour/not an “hour-ish” (trademark)/shucks Alaska bricks/fish scale/fine lady give flicks/but about that action/so I slip brisk/get her caught up in my world/no plans told/two steps unfold/doctor is looking at me/pockets healthy/strict code/business untold/make money like bone/thuggish Rugish/with a rueger and rubagge/thrift shop buying/clean money/moves with passion/drink the nectar that beast gave me/he wants some heat/for Yale/daughter studies biology/talked to the oncology department/cannot cut the cancer/unless you got baking soda and apply pressure/on Indian avenue/looking at the church bells go/I miss my church lessons/ when I went from choir boy to invisible/now I’m talking to my Webster crew indivisible/what you Finna do?/a rhyme ritual/for the lines critical (to be continued)

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