Trap Door (Verse 4 of 10)

When I was three/choke out/face blue/now dumb/blue face rule/clutched to my side/wide eye/wide smile/dope boy pull up/pampered Liza/with more best friends than Liz Taylor/jewels suits like Hova straight tailored/words spit bring valor/stay bummy/get beast turn dummy/like smog dragon dead/making savage move/to wear red/red lights/alarm swarms/make moves for dope boy computer/drop top/English tutors/Grown dogs/sweet fog/Sun rise on Sunnymead Boulevard/Bowl for strikes/get fresh cut/eggs sunny side up/my shooter/addicted to the chase/taste of blood when turned/six/the hard way/like pick 6/line didn’t hold up/getting rings like Tom Brady/the patriotic way/line up bucks/get bank/chase money like payday/direct deposit/slow money/fast trip/gas up ride/let a broke hustler dream/in a blink/lights out/bullets riddle the place/out like Scar Face but where’s Gina?

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