Trap Door (Verse 5 of 10)

Gina/been on more tours/than Pinta/sweet like dulce/Dolce Gabana/and cup of Pina/Tina Fly like money/party girl El Chapo/she worked at La Faena/then pops got money he left her/paid off insurance on car/won’t go far/dating this street star/hustler always finds way/trap door with treasure/like accountant with ledger/don’t put a woman over your goals and associates/but that never happens/so swole I get/Evans Road to Planet Fitness/tense trip with sledge hammer/always plots in the Murda/so I swing low in Casa Blanca road/touch home with the terf/Gina purses lips and they know/dominoes about to fall like snow/Gentian Avenue is where I stashed the tool/dress for less like Ross/keeps the assassin in reach like ranch to french fry/been hungry/stay hungry/now full/tales of a spoiled princess/looking at Genesis to find my only home.

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