Trap Door (Verse 6 of 10)

Only one motive/get rich/get house by the ocean/bird fly/the price is too high/so I undercut your price/immigrant dice/slice of pie for the devil/beat rap with decibels/politics with imbeciles/quality of life too high/slaving for a ride/rude margins/conversating with shooters/over an Impalla/Money the only allah/if that’s what is meant/by in God we trust on the dollar/you de-legitimize my eye sight/so I go right/clear out your bank for a night/with my Valley Boulevard sin girls/tattoo son/lump sum principal/she gets to ride on Rolling Rapids/for rapid money and xanax/but let’s just say/little woman/I saw you coming/took your stroll and put you on my block/Holt princess of Ontario/a trick is sleeping without his wifey/lost his money to a something/sad comodity/loneliness and dishonor/rob bank like David Mack/turned law and order/to tyrant/toothpick/sweet tooth/this mic booth is mine/move over/took your time

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