Trap Door (Verse 7 of 10)

No smoke/Newport Beach goals/thoughts on my lessons/school boy on the streets/Van Nuys Boulevard with the creeps/dog feces/is my pay check/so I sring up my G’s/Stink crew/used to smell like my cats/now I got snaps/cologne/sip whiskey from Culver City wine room/tomb laced up with tunes/my lady smell so good/can’t even say her perfume/no doubt/started from a torture chamber/now look who shocked/stack clout/tap into my bank accounts/hail Mary like Dan Fouts/I’m the goblin you never thought about/Runt in money pile stunts/lungs pulled over for breathing/but look at you now/cake/big/birthday/was the worst day/now it’s every day/but so what/forgot what it was like to be estranged stranger/now my anger is aimless I blame paint thinners/watch the skyline shiver/say more with a whisper/and sinister aims/twenty two like Kershaw/tell me yes God/why did you forsake me/shake spot/thoughts outside a trap house/cat away/knock/knock/mousey boy/got money for new couch/rack gold/black eyed peas/fresh ocra hot when I get home/cold sweet tea

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