Trap Door (Verse 8 of 10)

Jesus never saved me/he raised me/now the stakes are raised/so I clutch to my beattitudes/lost in platitudes/now do clown videos/bark/bark/pigs at park/watch how the sharks swim/tin man/oiled up ride/slide/take Nason Avenue to go far/city is calling me for my scars/stars on the avenue are only RIPs/God washed the sins from saints/clipped/stick of dynamite/tight jeans/cost more than my body/so I slide out and take Tommy’s/chilly night with a side of Sprite/thirst quench/for the intense/pocket full with crumbled up dollars/crumbs talk like no honor/war on the streets/since I took your first communion/Yolanda/no longer/in my corner/lost her/see how she do/moved out of my dunes/with riddles and fools/stepped up for the rules/cash out/mash out/doctor Pelican Bay is doom/safe house/then lick the wounds/under the cloak of midnight/Nas in my headphones/all is just alright

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