Trap Door (Verse by Melo Miles)

MELO MILES – TRAP DOOR (verse 1 of 10)

Looking out front door/appeal on all four/she getting tagged/switch rhythm/now dad/swag is what I pull/capture key/flee lord/stuck in the middle of hell and heaven/clutch her by her waist/swinging fate/God deliver me an angel/but Satan never rebuked me/clutched in his pocket when mind free/trap door/outside Figueroa/tucked vultures/streets are sweeping/millions for fiends and demons/it’s going to take the return/touch toes with the urn/rebirth with a skirt/legacy sealed/pull princess to heels/mink coat for the evening/glamorous speak/ghetto boy/with a Master’s degree/swallowing him whole/she always like bad boys/cool/dip water/and strip/up and down the block for a grip/but pillow talk leads to cases/snitches/and empty clips/new whips for the enemy/this is how the general slips/like Bulger getting caught cuz of his/old lady/but she is loyal boy/she never gave in to the cops/lips sealed but all lost/departed by an Irish boy getting stripes/took out Whitey with that hard candy/slam this to a beat/trap lord/eggs over easy/in the mind of the trap lord/mic cord/trap door.

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