Trap Door (Verse 10 of 10)

Money on my mind/that’s why I don’t listen/stressing/who ready to end me/enimiga/wears prada/so I got something to do/creaky vehicle down Day Street/stop for something sweet/Costco and acai bowl/lulled to sleep/wolves with wills/want to put me to sleep/they know I know and do not tell/but then I talk clown talk/deep seated pain/gave up heaven for hell/100 shots/to the well/Iago counting my candles/no caution/spot em/got em/media act like a rapper life don’t matter/I think of all those down/act like they deserve cuz they rhyme noun with noun/born for this/but the industry is fake/and I’m on La Brea avenue/picking up the scraps of my brother/with the truth we tell/they silence/when you rebel/do I pick up my silencer/take Holmbly Hills/industry leaders/Beverly Glen/true believers/punk rocks/load up the den/but this is just a pipe line/to nowhere/even El Chapo in jail/so bounty for a whale/the hunter/is in the winter/with autumn falls/popping ps/for Vietnam apartment seat/sofa/couch/king marathon/take the gilded freeway south/commerce casino/first stop/celebrate with my chopper/in the back seat with my rut/tense situation/turned clutz/lil crooks/speaking of the therapy he could never find/practicing designs/Maclay Streets/with Nancy/holding hands with his daughter/the things that the g’s on my street do/through a trap door/child hood scores.

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