Trap Door (Verse 9 of 10)

Get to the finish line/not in my sight/held back for walking backwards/in a lake of bullets/South Central where my crew hails/long tales of tall odds/so many couples cheating/but all I care about is money and cars/switch up stars/and stripes/quiet home/alone/study up on game/Freeway Rick Ross/I read his book and re-wire brain/used so much/I thought I was a mistake/now I answer calls from only fate/every homei just fake/came around when there was something to take/so I walk by think of the streets/sleep in Parking lot/to save money to eat/which way is the beat/Rap is but for the wasted/so I listen to DJ Screw/and learn to take it/now I drop bars/like Santa Barbara State street/check mate/heat/dizzy in circles/it’s funny when the clown is sad/and can’t make his mate laugh/but I’ll get the first laugh/cry later/Lasselle street blood bath/they lock up the poor/to take their homes/and gentrify/LaLa land to them just cheap high/but the homeis on the block got that cheap high/crack rock not the only way to granite tops and a view/Stu Lantz on the tube

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