Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (First work with Theo, new Manager)

Verse 1

Spell bound tower/touch chronological/dust powder/lust hour/Biggie is dead in rush hour/flex for mic checks/government took my homei’s daddy/said he knew something/yeah/I see/blame it on the locos/while you go off/to pocanos/always the way it goes/so like 50 cent/I’m shaking the banks open/catch craze/on skyline/my splits a token/calling all cars/it’s the God/telling you more/settle scores/100 tours/let’s see what president/cooks up next/senses quicken/I arrive in evening/here it is a million tongues twisted/but now I got a rap manager/Theo/so I look for points/all I get is no/like media hits/I look closer/Delta airlines/flashing audio/Gotham criminal/where I learned to move the mineral/through swatches/of sand banks/the desert is burrying me/they want more oil/to ride around aimless/quick on my feet/dropping a flower/at my burial/the king of New York is dead.

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