Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 1)

Track 1: Start Back Wards

So skip town/sit down/a protest in place/face clown/laugh/he has shooter at your Chase/remember the King of New York/is an abstraction/cut up words/grab bag/fast action/the jacker is always in control/gun off safety/straight math/the job application reads/trash/not qualified/ebonics/fat lips/grabs revolver/how else to live/so let’s start backwards/upstarts/un track/winding down Yolanda/with a note pad/the King of New York is here/Perris Boulevard/jump out boys/sharp wit like sharks/let me tell you how Melo Miles became king/followed rap dream/rhyme scheme/syndicates in the action/lay low/exclusive cuts/Carson barber/now he lay low/law after him/cuz he has his crucifix/drip blood of saint San Fernando/but quiet he roams/builds up tempo/there he goes/quiet in the bay/scribble jams/no sign in his way/it’s very lonely to be the only one that sees Goliath/but so he goes/to kill Goliath/industry/at war with another hustler/that’s how Easy died/never no one to lie/but here it goes/they set Melo Miles up/on his chair/getting lined up/lil crook run up/shanked in the gut/now he has to go/but listen to the story/it gets cut up here/retold/never trust the one that acts like he really knows

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