Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 2)

Track 2: When the King’s Hair is Cut

Quietly/another one is Cane/he lives with master/reads his books but thinks faster/Carson barber/has hands with carpool tunnel/his broad nose/thick blood clots/hands in pockets/humble/they tighten up/wide enough/sleepy/steady hands of a barber/to make one look lovable/the king’s hair is being cut/quiet sleep/but then again/he’s just a dreamer/his angel next to him/dreamy is the devil/people give up and give in to the most basest of desires/next to me/is master driving in my head/no sleep nightmare/dad 80 pounds with cancer/ boss man laughs at me/we all got to go so I found casper/Eastside trece/and away we go/the King is here/so slow there’s chatter/I say goodbye/another morning/no sleep/gridlock four hours on freeway/5 minutes late/they treat me like lazy/7-11 boy just slave to a counter/while patrons buy their early death/taxed king/another nine hours/engineer reports/disrespect/not worth a damn/so I let it go/the streets my only home/and war my only impulse/so it goes/I decided I will attack/become king with the rap/sheets and bars/bats picked up my screws loose/hold my nuts/licked my emotional scars/relax/learned the facts/of the field to hit fast/that is how the king was crowned/as soon as I pick up my chest with chin up/master shows me his fangs/vampires and tiny checks/so I seethed/took New York City by surprise/the last shall be first/but the first only become evil/so what good is revolting/greed is everywhere/and the barber trembles/he looks over at his colleague/girl is getting bent over/shapes/lines a little off/humble and modest/Carson barber/and there the king goes/he runs out furious/the work will never finish/except there is only one type of power/the one with the plan/the one that sees victory while others laugh/one last stand

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