Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 5)

Track 5:

Babe Ruthless

Evidence/is crafted by the minds of who has it/so I laughed/and packed the bleachers/with rhyme killers/otherwise/you might see/the hands off filters/nobody saw the runt/with no lungs turn out breathless/my breath control is the nexus/where sweet Genesis/said let there by light/flash camera/paparazi/on the second floor/watching Alpo implode/nobody knows the questions/that a killer ponders/might just be the ruthless/touch of blood turn taste/now the rap booth is ruthless/but look at the dad/walk in/with the emperor’s head/blood in hand/I rap battle with the bullets of ten/you see/elements of the world cannot clench the fist of a ruler/that turned two moves ahead of the babe/orphan/with no love/just drying/death/eating crumbs/plotting to overthrow Guatanano with his pen/and so Rich Porter please bless me once again/the filtered thoughts of the reluctant/might just turn the sunset crimson/but here is this image/savage just a thought/turned around and killed the go go dancer/so she wouldn’t starve for success/the ads that wreak hell/swerving lanes to a broadcaster/just toss me over there/the prisons are full with soldiers/but not the south of Bakersfield king/there can be nobody else that can take the mantle/but mickey is drinking/heavy/success/so hard to follow/alarms go everywhere/time is just a construct for the captured/but nobody can capture the rap king/because the game of chess ends/and off they throw his shooters on top of the hill/retinue burial/don’t test the weakest that is blessed by God/you may see Sun Ra/but Sun Ra don’t see an ant/ and I go back quietly/just another ruler with no friends

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