Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 6)

Track 6

The Bluest Eye

I see this time/you saw me coming/little innocent victim of the turned out/so pretend/left in my wallets is her fix/someone with an eye blue/was hurt by her father with eyes much bluer/and now she chases 24 hours fixes/popping in indiscreet whispers/as the king comes with crew into the Synn nightclub/valley Boulevard is where Holt gives the best tricks/cards/heaven away from their nothingness/let the ballers play/there’s a big commotion/the street snitch of Brooklyn/is tagging along with Satan/stretched on his arm/then a yawn/spins a yarn/Melo Miles demise will soon come/from these songs/but listen before you celebrate/he may be good with words/check mate/the masses speak evil/and so there he goes/sounding verbose/sixty-nine/doesn’t see this thirteen fiend/dreaming of rap shows/and rims/oh so clean/but snitch/ that trey nine snitch/the media loves her favorite darling/he throws away the Carson barber’s money/Murda would love to end his little ways/but when you sell your soul to the bluest eye/you may love the rate/oh, my price just went up/devil lines up his pockets/make it rain/make it rain/and there goes the king of New York/with a bounty he paid/to rid the world of the snitch/so quiet he says/his lady is the shortest one/that much he knew/bitches have Napolean complexes too/the snitch could care less/he’s got the room to himself/with his girls/didn’t respect the peasant king/and so she let him in to the VIP room/the clown is so clever when the snitch throws his pay/so stupid/is a tomb/his pen goes away/he stabs until all that is left is a dead body/sixty-nine can’t tell no more/but the rap industry/will turn out a new devil pet to suck all the life from the game/that is the bluest eye/now you see/but now the king of New York is victorious/for once/he bows down to no one but turn tables and God/carried footsteps/to his stripper princess/she just laughs/lets the king out/and that’s how it ends

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