Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 7)

Now the king/may never be heard/his civil liberties/did not cross the border/lost to a neurological disorder called racism/go back to Africa but continent already here/cops didn’t only break Rodney King/the peasant is sliding/trying to find his crown/metaphorical pen lodged in the throat of sixty-nine/ he rhymes/twisting into the matrix/of Mission Boulevard to Central/I see I’m overqualified/but underneath you/I didn’t get the job/so I fled Ontario/with my enemy’s head/some odd way for me to say/they are watching my steps/but the footage is inconclusive/driver of the ghetto/so powerful/too much footage/I make a million people startled/but that is what gives Gods the most thunder/Planet Asia orphan/loved by the quickest of rising suns/and so it goes/Sun Valley temper/relax the night is here/the King of New York was as the barber shop/with a gulp/to mask the PTSD/he drank like a fish after/the snitch was disappeared/but when will the violence end/if no law and order/will your friend catch the rapist/when he plotted it for instagram likes/how sad are the lost/the moment I left/a phone call pops up on my phone/like I don’t know it’s the law/to give snitches the best food of it all/they build a case/against the master of their ways/and words/see Brother Malcom gave me my sense/that would last only moments/I am meek/as Jesus preached/yes, the tenants of hell/just found out/the industry is built on mass appeal/so here’s the route/the King didn’t pay his taxes to Popeye/so he talked and played/lil crook/gets paid/creeps by the goblet of rap fandom/so much fame/but all his killer cared about was South Fontana’s order/and street fame/the one that made casper finally disappear/and there was but a whisper/there he goes to Brazil/who will be throned the King of New York next? Is it Biggie? Is it Tupac? Nipsey? Maybe Easy? or Biz Markie? DMX? We don’t know/too busy was the gossip/on the camera phone/legends never die/but the television acts like they created this peasant talk of prisoners/don’t pretend like you like the whole picture/because your jewelry is heavier than my sorrow/when the king of New York is burried.

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