Melo Miles – The King of New York is Dead (Track 3)

Track 3: Alice in Wonderland

Confidence/is very difficult/life in a rut/lost ritual/when the envy of the town/is your wife/they get smoother/didn’t know her chump/has a thousand bodies/but what’s new with you/it’s always the quiet ones/Alice in Wonderland has her shoes/now it’s a slew of computers/and no clues/every angle of a commodity/I wish I was free/swerving into gilded freeways/billboard for Sweet James/looks like the devilish reigns/let’s hear how your ideas/are the only ideas/as valid for ideals/this is how it goes/the king of New York demands a king randsom/but then again the ring is handsome/for a boxing match/and a diplomat comes on in/the last man to bite me/saw his industry in flames/bananas entertain/every tiny detail of Brooklyn/in my mind talking to shoe maker’s friend/surely he will win/his design, never thin/under the sky/dividing little pieces of the pie/but hustlers just lay low/before striking again/the King is at VIP/his shooter at hand/Rikers island/in jeopardy/Kingston sniper/out on the open/sunny streams in/got to show him the City/driver for my shooter is the least of expectations/the music industry giants ready to have sex slaves dancing and prancing/the night away/so question me this/oh, Alice/now that you know/isn’t it funny/how the bummy roll/low key sensation/Melo Miles has conquered/your conquest/dishonor/photo/ping pong/I see you/with the claims of the voiceless/with the fame of the dead/and now let’s drive aimless/I’m tripping the zombie hustler ego trip/once again

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