Melo Miles – Trick Dice

Laughed at/stuffed in a redlined zone/padlock/gates open/suicide doors/trap doors/swing jails on the poor/switch/trigger itch/anger/stupidity/make room/assume nothing/because that’s how trust is robbed/trick dice/zero sum/can’t pay for 3 bills/now you need a phone bill/to pay Paul to screw your wife/lifeless mass/held fast/trick dice/nice eyes/take photo/instant cash/success/tenants looking for passwords/hurry/hurry/scurried in masses/cash is king/so sling/TV/trick dice/of mice and omens/loot pack/slack jaw/all they want is to rob your potential/no matter what you barely make it/trick dice/assets are people/to be used by your boss/toss caution to the wind pipes/infidelity to God/is a bonus/so now I run out/jewelry heist with gift of gab

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