Baby Doll Dreams of Lucid Euclid

Satin sway of militant mutant

Rest with me on blade struck close

Breathing hundreds of sorrow

Two lovers in quiet bends pretzeled

Hands through highways to make this

Post card posted never ending miles

To heaven wells around river’s bends

Twilight dreams the touch

Of satin sweet evening carry me

Autumn wind under bridges

For mourning the lurid leaves

Do take my hand princess season

Guidelines of sunshine grabs

Money sermonized in empty heads

In time dwellings surrounded

Quiet corners of merchants and

Mercenary hearts that bend shapes

Quietly where are you I’m searching

For the visions that flee centuries torn

Hellos but never do I believe in goodbyes

Dancing Cairo in twisted

Plans in wistful hands please

Swing calamitous rain with your

Voice so adventurous clawing

Through the world with curtains

Swaying silky quietly in satin

Thinking of lucid Euclid broken hands

The first confessions

Felt on the satin rug by fire place

Clutched in depths of Solaris

Dizzy obsessed with baby doll scents

Never can you forget first loves

When all is quiet in hood and

Princess piles money on desk

So much dizziness clawing

To beauty in tresses of hair

Tossed me to the side like slide

Let me eat away at Autumn Fall

Fallen eyes of sand castle blunder

It takes my hunger away

Paralyzed by goblin beauty

Harley Quin cat ladies running in

My helpless ways woozy night tonight

Missing the mall on stroll with rails

Jumping jacked

The esoteric language of surrender

Eyes that dance lava like embers

Sweet lovely first minute call

How did the angels bare flesh so perfect

Under sun that blazes path

Visions of movement so near, so far

Counting change in head

First pay phone calls that is

The makings of you, my first mystified

Our young lips moved

Now it’s a shout and a miss

It’s just me that makes me split

I try too hard and humble knight

But so you may gallant around

I am tryst with trust no one

Mister mystery mesmerized by me

You were my everything fault

Just a disorder called paranoia

Especially when the true loves lie for poles

Stripper pole asylum sleep Synn Club

Shortie queen ivory

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