DM$ Draft Kings Player…

Been working on equations and models to perfect the art of Draft King lineups. In 2022, I will build an LLC to share worksheets and equations that I have been inventing. I’ve improved my average score by 65% or so. I’ve been on that Draft Kings since 2015, introduced by supervisor at my main engineering job.

Games about to start…will post results later…stay tuned

The key to winning Draft King $ is follow the leader…you see rn I messed up cuz I believed in the Vikings pass attack…if they go off, I win…otherwise I cry and go back to the lab to work on my equation
There it is, my equations had some good picks but was wrong in one area: it predicted that the Vikings would have a great passing attack. Tom Brady and the Bucs instead had the huge game. I will tinker with my equation.

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