Melo Miles – Past (Mixed Tape) (Verses)

Over Bars

I don’t want static/over bars and antics/barbaric spirit/ghost towns of Sicily/strapped boots/in kahootz/with bank of America/don’t know Karen/just base/sell it get laces/switch paces/army guard/NBA Youngboy/over bars/stars and stripes/say too much/crunched up number stats/vast ocean/spread a terrorist ashes/martyrs in the matrix/swish/Nike checked me when I was three/Pinney Street raised/jungle gyms/slip/split shank for bar bath/pretty vixen/vocab addiction/over bars and faith

Mill House

Got the stacks up/racks up/pushing daisies with luck/stuck barracuda for gouda/ain’t worrying bout nothing like French Montana/Gina in a Camry/leopard skin dress/strip bikini/pool/skinny dipping/tipping the waitress/xanax and necklaces/you hear/tear drop/to eye/slit/Melo always lit/like mill house/money grow/get rich or die trying/stack 50 cent to mountain/magic mountain

Magic Mountain

Body double/tongue twist/in rubble/for yen and ruebels/decibels/for that beat imbecille/din/don’t you hear the music/tragic with computer/got to make profit lines/fat to skinny/pencil legs/drink malt/chocolate ice cream/Lacey summer/cop look at me like Duvall/too tall/too late/thought he got gas face/touch to taste/dumb with Drake beats/colors feed the hood feast/tooth clean/dentist on my porch/she want that sweet relish/hellish existence of a Gee

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