Project Blowed and the Curious Case of a Style Orphan

Legendary Space where Project Blowed Open Mic Session opened up in December, 1994, a year and a half after the Los Angeles Civil Uprisings devastated these communities still recovering from the fall-out of the Rodney King injustice nearly 30 years ago.

Project Blowed is alive and well and once again they are proving that underground Hip Hop is nothing to fool with. Talib Kweli needs to find it within his abilities for reconciliation. I’ve never seen the Blowed go in on an over-ground sucker like this ever. In the last couple of years alone, Project Blowed has lost many incredible talents like Gangah K, Meen Green, Ras G, etc. and almost lost Ellay Khule to a tragic shooting all too common in the south section of Los Angeles. For Kweli, to joke and mock Ellay Khule’s shooting while he was in recovery, literally resurrected from death is so ignoble and unbearable even for wolves in sheep clothing which I pray Mr. Kweli is not. I’m so proud to be on their street team: the code of the Crenshaw saints, Project Blowed, 4343 Leimert Boulevard where the marathon continues.

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