Melo Miles – Holt Blues Vol. 1 (Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles – Holt Blues Vol. 1 (Mixed Tape)

DJ 1 Cent and I working on production and verses. Rest in Paradise, Long Beach’s Fallen Princess Yuri…

1. It show ain’t fun

V1 Edgemont’s assassin/split open nation/grammar is ice sentence/I learned my game on electric chair/Van Nuys Boulevard raised/gambling on Sepulveda/for my innocence was gone before ten/when they put bullets in ice cream man dome/raised in a city with only 10 rules/admit to any/trip to death like it’s Brazil/empty nuts to Satan/but Edgemont where I sleep with the Yo-Yo on/it show ain’t fun/when she jump out your ride to a pimp on pay phone.

V2 Edgemont tongue coma/can’t sleep disorder/sunny side up my fingers ride/when Sunnymeade sunset/goes on stroll/big units on Eucalyptus/so duck lips/baby a Platypus/on the net/vets talk that talk/but it ain’t fun/sir/when she wants the mall rat lover/yeah when I tell your dolly to pay lump sums/1,000 ladies stroll/thought you knew/cool man/rich when she jump out your ride to a pimp/with a tooth pick.

2. Mister. Mister.

V1 You know it’s drama/stress leads to toddler/I once met a woman/she had a lot of sense/sat down to dance/she tell me she understands me/but I’m dead inside/feel me/invisible/that’s how I got a 1,000 in my stable/I love them and drop them/no candle in their guts/just a laugh or two/I know a thing or two/and I don’t want you/just an iceberg/like Mister.Mister./THERE IS NO OTHER ONE.

V2 Holt gets my nuts swole/hard as a rock/make it go insane/I see that statue girl/got it on pearls/pivot left and right/just a serious hoe/about that money/that cheddar/like Donald Goines/players on Holt Boulevard the Big Leagues/with this Joker/Money is a 24 hour relationship/and I got the biggest evil eye/with a tie/dead inside/God reminds me/they love me in heaven/but the beast keep attacking/I hate myself/cops took my manhood/can’t even walk straight up/59 false arrest reports/meanwhile I survived an attempted murder before 8/so don’t ask me why I hate the police/agree to disagree/losing my innocence at six/news at eleven/not an Arab-American baby/so now I watch folks with an ice pick like candy man/don’t look too close cuz/THERE IS NO OTHER ONE/EXCEPT FOR MISTER.MISTER.

3. Yuri

I never loved you/but I care/I never crawled into your space/with lies/from lords of flies/I don’t get caught up/I’m spider/web baby/I love you Yuri/better than a sunset on Sunrise/Palm Springs/desert water falls/tall and handsomely paid/is how a pimp gets fade/come and talk to me Yuri/I have one personality/disturbed/bullied by everyone I loved/every job I honestly worked/now I kill with my looks like Iceberg Slim/watching Valley Boulevard closely/cuz I only listen to me and what pays me.

So like Bubba Gump/got that boat struck/hole in the middle of ocean/I have the loveliest hands/they made a thousand games/out of one Edgemont player/deliver paper like pizza/to brick layer/trick you lay pipe/I lay paper into mattress/but like Yuri/I’m so vivid/got her on only fans/for a favor/saving for my alternator/new transmission/for my San Fernando mechanic Sergio’s/She a Roxford peach/so what is there to do when I pimp the library/to get her psychology/and let you cry about me on comment sheet/like Yuri/I’m up in a sinner heaven/we all are sinners it’s said/baby doll princesses/with lingerie/smooth player/sweet fragrances/rest in peace to this Long Beach queen/Madame Yuri.

4. Holt Blues

Trick always got a palace/money for actress/lost big dream/marriage with some greedy fiend/a man wants to get pleased/so a pimp is your man/no tease/anything you want/got price for hole/nothing less/nothing more/losing your home/to a turnout/that quick/one night/one lie/I never paid a hoe/no taught in sixth grade/bitch better have my money/don’t blame me/society raped me/so now I piece up your night/last with the once over/if you my hoe/get them coming back for more/Holt Boulevard blues.

So now you know/no more honest job for me/unless I have to clean/used to be a sweetie pie/but no lie/the ladies/like to get abused/with that Holt blues/ready to kill look boy/the police took my manhood/so/what should I do/but destroy your angel too/nothing new/industrious zoo/I’ll take Tesla company too/my shortie on Valley Boulevard don’t play/if you like V.I.P./put on five business class cards/bitch better have 51 percent for her pimp/or I bust her nose

5. Chino Spot

Quiet down/quiet boy/only death can end this stroll/nobody knows/but I move on up/leaving the show/dance with me Chloe/just asking for help/but they laugh at me/cuz I ran/so now/I’m a serial killer with bat/making a trick run off lap dance/ready to crunch your money math/if I fail at pimping your wifey/then hopefully you will/finally respect me/but that’s just a dream/at a Chino spot.

PTSD/is alphabetically/the only thing I feel/one moment I’m fine/then I clutch at my knife/holding it to my neck/should I slash my neck or her neck/since she’s giving your money/to some moby dick/for some dick/she can’t stop/she loves it good/I used to be soft spoken/but now I stab/make the coroner speak for me/hate the studio pimp industry/don’t even look at the Ice Mauve/on Mountain Avenue/twisting magic in backwoods/rest in peace/Yuri/I am looking for your enemies for now they are mine/like Valentine massacred.

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