Melo Miles – Thugs Need Hugs (Mixed Tape Vol. 1) (Track List)

Melo Miles – Thugs Need Hugs (Mixed Tape Vol. 1) (Track List)

1. Prison Lotto

Your son/turned over/Prison lotto/detective with comb-over/figure out your pay/thugs getting thugs/get caught by thugs/wolf mode

Reduced to a number/fraction/factions/out for action/slashing prices/thug learned/everything is free if you take it/like Saddam/but the palace turns to rubble/when the thug is gone/no thug passion/unless it’s gun to your brain/well just made a life long friend/do you want a cheeseburger or shake/thugs in helicopters relate/no respect for air space/the biggest polluters are police/but so are thugs/playing lotto/in a system where no one cares about rules/unless you’re just a good guy/I’m a wise guy/I’ll take that commissary/put you in a monastery/cuz no one ever wins the game of life or prison lotto/news at 10/ignorant rapper/dead

Fettuccine/got that money/direct objects lead to direct deposits/money is a mam/mister/Karen/whatever/English major/with money/that’s right/thug passion/like Gatorade/I quench the lady’s thirst/made man/self made man with brown heart/like Mister Joe/picket my business/good publicity in the ghetto/tic-tac-toe/with the ghost of Jerry Heller/ more bricks than teller/magic like Penn West and jailor/Purple and Gold like Kwame/but don’t call me Kwame Brown/I sit in the bleacher seats of death row/looking for my enemies/but so it goes/for a misinformed lunatic/only concerned with self-importance/ignorant rapper dead/news at 11.

2. Big Rick

They sent an army/but I was worried about one/playing Russian roulette/with my brother’s gun

Moving up the ranks/open bullpen gates/Big Rick with that heat/but on Terra Bella/he got that heat/drafted by the major leagues/daddy drafted by Army/so they were proud of his leaving/got those hands boy with them golden gloves/God saved them for his daughter evening/it’s so sad/when gangster disciples die/casted aside like body after homicide/but what poison/comes with fish scales/Mail in Mob Piru’s mail/box/Big Rick is gone but never forgotten.

3. Lil D

4. Croatian but Aztec

5. Thugs Need Hugs

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