Melo Miles – Mama Sopranos (Freestyle)

Mama Sopranos/Mama Sopranos/Mama Sopranos

Baby boy killer/run to your rum/pill pop/run for the hills/tums/to make the swill go down/there’s always drama/with Mama Sapranos.

Verse 1

Tony don’t want to take orders/except if chain in command in order/clear line/like 2 corners/straight edge like tall orders/pressure made Mama Sopranos fold/why give in to Christ/after 50 years of Gangsta strife/she plays the son against her daughter/uncle to slaughter/Junior please help me/I miss my everything/give false reports to bosses/but she untouchable with the coffers/Tony wants smoke/ask Mama Sopranos/he’s ready.

Verse 2

Janice don’t want to take orders/she just clean out the room/she good lady/Mama Sopranos know better/get a thousand gunners ready/she wants your home/quick to bone/atoned for sins/Jesus too helpful to Janice/more sweaty/than mattress actress/on all fours/don’t go/flex more/she take more/comedy one, two/Mama Sopranos/taught game the last saints/Newark on a hot day/pistol play/boy/suicide was the moment Richie Aprile said I do/Janice wants smoke/ask Mama Sopranos/she’s ready.

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