Ice Mauve meets Mint Milk

Watching from the corner, the pimp sees his competition: pretty whitey Mint Milk. Milk, a 40 year old ex-tweeker, ran out of money and went back to the streets after his square job found out about a pimp.

Ice Mauve clutches at his hoe: bring that money back hoe. Ice is going to take out the competition.

A pimp is a flower amongst the Gorillas and Ogres. The only difference between a pimp and a gangster is that a pimp hates his momma and a gangster don’t. A pimp hates women. A gangster don’t. But those were the old days before the government went hard on the squares. Now squares out here trying to pimp and Ice Mauve not playing that lame business.

Mint Milk a special kind of whitey pimp. Ice Mauve needs to cut out his heart or lose his main bitches.

“Milk, what you doing at this Donut Shop, pimping, at 3 o clock”, Ice speaks to his old friend but new nemesis. “Ain’t it past yo bedtime old dog still out here pimpin on these baby girls I see pimpin”, Milk retorts. “Aye, they throw em out and a pimp got to bring em in young blade”. “What u doing ’round here on Sunset, thought u was a square!” “Can’t keep my square job, too many good for nothing lazy trash simps like u watering legitimate businesses!”

Mint Milk shuffles his peacock t-shirt, perfectly pressed slacks, flashing that ice pearl set of teeth polished for this occasion on the big blade where Ice Mauve picked up a trick baby and taught him about breaking hoes.

First, you get that dark gangster look out the way. You put some colorful clothes on pimpin. You get your hair done, you get your cuticles polished. You don’t walk and mad dog unless yo hoe come short of the money. If her trick touches your lady, you chase that trick down. Ice Mauve shows him his ice pick with 10 killshots. Most tricks learn to pay when you jam them with an Ice pick.

Now Mint Milk learned the game but the game is sold. It’s very rare for trick babies to make it to 20 in some blades. Mint Milk was just a special type of trick baby.

Now, don’t get it twisted, a Hoe is the most crucial woman in a pimp’s life. She is to be exalted as long as she stays in their stable. To lose a hoe is like losing your mind and all of your money like a degenerate gambler.

Mint Milk and his bottom hoe Sadie, now in Ice Mauve’s stable. The gangsters and Gorillas are very upset at Mint Milk’s return to the streets. The more pimps, the more problems.

Mint’s edge on Ice Mauve in the competitive world of Pimping is two fold: he’s younger and his reputation less burned. During all that time that Mint Milk squared up he was able to process his experience and get imaginative about how to get more skilled at turning out hoes.


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