DM$ Love Poem Tuesdays


Love Dresses my Pain (Poem 1 of 15)

Love took this babbling idiot

And made him half stupid

Love took this gambling fib

And watched over Cupid

Love dresses my pain

With ranches and vinaigrette

Rolex Princess (Poem 2 of 15)

Time to tell the jail from the jailor

She gave me her time to tailor

Forever do I contemplate you

My beautiful heart is prone

Detective matters how breathtaking

With a Rolex on her arm

She turns wars to peace for her charms

Butterfly charms and Rolex watches

Flowers to Nickki, Short Cakes, Reggaeton and Chloe 70

You fell for a woeful shooter

Turned to terf for free

You couldn’t pay me enough

I just want to show the world

Valley two, Sherman Oaks one

Then Van Nuys Airport

Birds do not fly away

Let’s chill by lake with swigssss

Holding the moment in cares

Cupid clean the mess you made

Of my nerves: Highway 111

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