Jello Biafra and my Introduction to Punk Rock

The following links are articles about the Punk Rock icon and astute, acerbic political commentator Jello Biafra:

I grew up in an interesting household. We were immigrants, my mother a French citizen and father from North Africa. We moved into the northeastern part of the San Fernando Valley in 1983 during the Ronald Reagan administration. During this era, three huge movements would impact my childhood and lifestyle: the beginning of the hip hop and punk movements, the crack epidemic and homelessness crises, and increases in anti-social youth subcultures like gangs, tagging crews and party crews.

My older brother was the first to introduce me to NWA, Public Enemy, and X-Clan. He also taught me about Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, MDC and Bad Brains. When he was out in the streets, partying and meeting people, he would frequent the Mad Hatter night club and crash through mosh pits with steel toe boots.

My younger brother and I would go through his room when he was away because he would come up on the coolest tapes as soon as they came out. We would play his music on our dad’s good system, and sneak the tapes back so we didn’t feel our brother’s wrath.

Many years later, one of my best friends at university was a singer for a Punk band and we would riff on politics, similar backgrounds and other school-related course work talk.

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