A Letter to my Better Half

Thanksgiving, 2020 With my son JD, wife Maggie and Suegra Raquel

Dear querida,

I know that I’ve changed: the person you met is not the person you have seen the past few years. I’ve been running around in circles and in those routes I’m a mixture of the person in his prime that you met, and the little boy that was shattered by violence, and brutality.

All I want for Christmas is the strong family we had once: the promise, the strength and love of patience, and the yearning for something better and more promising.

I tell you this is what we have: we have grown from a delicate bloom to a wildflower. I know what I’m supposed to do everyday: I search for building blocks for a better tomorrow.

This time and battle we wage everyday will pass and we will dance from sunset to sunrise. I promise you!


Selim “Miles”


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