Today, I’m Starting my…

…Network of Blogs which I’m calling DM$ Cable Network.

These are my marching orders so-to-speak:

  1. Create Blog called “Slauson and Garfield: Melo Miles Corner”. This blog will be for Melo Miles Mixed Tapes, Merch, and other independent musician/artist/lyricist related posts. All mixed tapes from Melo Miles will be deleted from main DM$ website and re-posted on new future Slauson and Garfield Blog.
  2. Create Blog called “Ice Cube Raised Me” which will be a site to share music video content especially Hip Hop (Gangster Rap, Trap Music and Underground Hip Hop). I name the site Ice Cube Raised Me as an inside joke as my lifelong interest in Hip Hop started with a childhood obsession with NWA. Once Ice Cube left NWA, I quit listening to their music and focused on his releases “Kill at Will”, etc. I started writing my own raps at an early age and continued to look at the world with a perspective of life that I adopted from his music (for good or bad).
  3. This Cable Network will take a while but I want to be able to give many people work over time especially for those frozen out of legitimate businesses like a lot of the brothers and sisters I meet in Moreno Valley, Ca. and other spots in Southern California after living various iterations of the crazy life.
  4. Happy New Year to DM$ day Ones!!!! Thank you.

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