DJ 1 Cent Roster Has Expanded to 51 DJs

Breakdown of DJ 1 Cent Franchises So Far:

1. Paramount/Compton/Watts Region–>15 Total DJs

2. Murda–>12 Total DJs (in Lasselle Place Apartmemts)

3. Pacoima/Sylmar/San Fernando/North Hollywood/Burbank Region–>9 Total DJs

4. Riverside Region–>2 Total DJs

5. Hollywood Region–>1 Total DJ (Sunset/Stanley Bus Stops)

6. Harlem Region–>1 Total DJ (Ask East Coast DM$ Boss Super Helpful Kwame)

7. Indio Region–>5 Total DJs

8. Palm Springs Region–>5 Total DJs

9. DHS Region–>1 Total DJ (My Homei Dylan)

Count it up–>Hopefully coming to a neighborhood near you–>DJ 1 Cents.

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