Melo Miles Presents Hood Raps Crew- Murda Moves & Anthems Series 4 “Multiplying Crips and Death Wishes”

Being a gangster is hard/but the parties are great/I woke up alive today/my moves slicker than my enimigas way/Carlito’s Way/lock jaw to prey/Bud Light poster/baby boy gone crazy/knocked up preacher daughter/daddy sleep with Springfield/dream of slaughter/general/measure/calibers/barrel lengths/vitamins/and minerals/hood news multiplies/lies/kernel of truth spies/police investigate ties/sears family portrait/siblings in civil war/put on by bosses of two wars/Sinaloa perp hurt/his cousins fly crippin/set trippin/lean sippin/they like them Asia Boyz hoes/so demure/pure white/bulging pockets/on the run/like Whitey Bulger/Irish pint/tell me more about life/I’m looking at someone’s next bride/don’t believe the guide/he gets paid by house/cats away/crips don’t die/they incubate/8th grade/it feels so right/they know your ways/Lakeside place/I know that Terry step son angry/ready to brawl/fighter energy/14 years young/life just begun/first ones/to make you feel fun/first beer runs/big homei using me/but I feel free/no strict rules/invited to parties/green in my jeans/fly crippin multiply/Ashley auntie/beauty with 25 candles/feeling pressure of skies/snow pile up in front of me/I rap what am/I supposed to be/I see what I don’t like to see/family ways/picked up a camper/nobody comes after/slumped back/Gunna new track/not no little Gee no more/hair on my nuts/Arms swole/they call them King Tut/locked him down/poo butt/got whooped/world star/laughter and charms/to be the king of Ninth grade/car jack trades/aces of spades/Jay Z/free me/I need to get paid/stray hell cats in the alley/Langdon Boy showed me the first Joy Ride/It was clean of spies/that point I respected the despised/teenage criminal minds/the police methods/ice cream money in bind/Jurassic Park escape/skate board or die/now I straighten my ties/forty two years old/good skincare/crips only multiply when they don’t care/I trust no one/especially the feared/the fearful/and the fierce/childhood Hollywood squares/pay taxes to 18 streets/AP/asking me che/I see what you see/about my money/like Michael Concepcion/tons shipped out from San Pedro/Sinaloa Perp able to move more/but stuck with Rose by his gore/Spiral tap store/Rose is so proud of beauty’s beast/making business calls/under radars of laws/he pays the dirty cops and Johns good/plug happy celebrating/cow boy knocks cow girl/men lead/women hugging close/music in soul/Cuilican cold/after shave/close/she feels the wrath of his penalties/dreamy ranchero/with fields of poppy/the sellers are city rats/but relax/the game is rural/country boy/they call him Ernesto Jesus/fierce look/piercing eyes/he seen too much time/trained by dad/put toe tag to officer/drove off road with pure/perp’s cousin/has no equal/LAPD/drove him out of local industries/now he have dream cars/trips to Sicily/the real Scarface/scarf on/chilly place/grand kids love/abuelo/at some point/you bail when you see profits low/glowing light/moth by flames/chains tucked by chest/crips see many funerals bur more graduations/make good army boys/take order from plainclothes/how you know/flip that money is sexy/text me her numerals/she got sexy friend that does plenty/she like the Springfield at small of back/when big dog opps escapes bid/enemies may check me/but my ladies so sexy/skincare/deadly/like barrel length empties/running crip families/plugs universal language/sell and count so much money/Nipsey Hussle got first Rolex/doing all nighters with fiends and vets/street sets/Rolling 60s drop jets/Kenny Smith/Houston/three point specialist gunner/spreading raised wrong vision/assasin mentalities to new destinations/New York faceless prisoner/El Chapo hears whispers/Santa Clause to many/but Grinch to families/with their little ladies/sprung out glass dicks/pimps with Springfields/tucked under Newport matress/pop smoke/Jesse James the real valley heat/sweet Jewish Boy/Alpha Dog killed innocent boy/this drug game lobotomy/puff trees/everybody loves Snoop/but not his big homeis locked up by porch/he pull up in a Porsche/entertained by murderers/secrets of burglars/and doggystyle started out/with 75 members/that’s it/wildfire trips/just to push out the spooky turned spooked/riding with manifest destiny/and domestic feuds/civil rights when food on the table/for your lady/your babies/and some of your fools.

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