9 ❀ Valentines on a Monday Night πŸŒ™ With Business Moves in Horoscopes (In the Spirit of Valentines) πŸ’ β™₯ ❀

Sin Love, Hapless star

Sin love, hapless star and just like that I was a flash you couldn’t stand so far.

You couldn’t catch so I went around

The corner to catch another fool errand

Mister Fool why am I mad about you?????

Because you had me at first sight

And the rest of those goofy half-truths

Me why you are my Jenny of Gump

Seeing stars, those stars, you without your touch is endless distraught. It was not meant to be it was meant to be dreamed.

Married Man Frankenstein

It was the pulpit pulled two disparate

Skylines to fueds feed me to your body

I want you to be feverish with my elixirs swerving into your eyes that monsters whimper

Crush me until I am only but the smut on your heels on Sunset Boulevard

Running away from the healthiest place for me. Hand in hand with the one that took my rigidness and bent him to solace and calm. But now I only see plans of Frankenstein trying to breathe.

Indio Bus

Looking for cosmic whatever masquerades

You mean nothing to me but also everything to me but I just wasn’t there

To slow you down on an Indio bus a sunny hot day just trying to be your fire that cools the sun

Pinneaple drinks, sweet life, wishing the candles to quiet bay

This is where our home went that wretched day that your kingpin won our silly battle called youthful love oh how it felt so well missing you still this burried hell cat

Dot and Trot, Just so, so Much

Dot and trot, tonsil tossed, tongue is in a stew trying to mash up thoughts of you

Those nights where madness and rules make the kingpin faceless fatal this attraction to idealist way can’t I fall

Asleep with negligent nasty she is so much my other side my other other side and so is she and then I see

The loveliest lady alcohol wake up and don’t think bartender smile makes me think was I just wash to her spittle thinking of penniless sins

Mad Eyes, Greatness, Brandy

How did you end up in my mad eye arms with charms and glow

Lazy Saturday with nothing to do but hold you close

How can you count on a mad man like me with a candle he won’t want to see

But you held me close crawling into my bookish plans 10 weeks in quick sand

I didn’t lock you out I locked us out I was looking for you still but my bite was in these mad ideas that I chase and a street where my secret sacred heart calls

Bashful Lover

Time together treasure heat held your

Head together sweet smiles of mine always penetrating under your skin

I am a whole lot of me cash, money in head I just had a vision running inside of my head and it didn’t involve meth

How dream scales balance the light sleepy hallow I am being picked up without my head and that is pure

Happiness turned madness how I felt you so close to me but then there was something better to seek than me

But that is how love bites just a tad bit at a time until you live longer than your memories serenade

Under Your Skin, Lake Perris Perfume

The most perfume I smelled was you turnover Lake Perris the most I made was the chump change

That brought desert sundaes with smiles and pleasures I know you didn’t see my shy man ways

Make you a bitten lady with perfume and lies telling me how to hide the passion that twisted me here

Tell me I was not your affair but a gentleman with momentary worries couldn’t escape the warmth you marshall marshy man

Yes there was another one that saw us held together with tid bit of puzzles but she just couldn’t see my soul

Silver Lake Dancer

Falling in love with a dancer she knows too many steps and I mash my tooth

How did I let you escape twilight in place because you needed a man more man than me to lead your dance

Don’t you see my business is my wife and a dancer is just you dancing into the desires of knights and Kings

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