Thoughts on Night 🌙

The little corners that claw.  I’m distrustful with what I’ve seen.  A young man no older than 13 posted at 7-11 on Sunset with snack.  He must have had to do some drugs and oral sex for $5 – which is how I was treated.  I would get picked up, offered sex for the lowly price of $5.  I used to walk and get hounded by the neighborhood guy – hey, do you need a ride home.  How is a boy going to become a man when grown men prey on insecure boys?  When I see Dwayne Wade’s son, I don’t see a boy that should be vilified.  I feel that there were grown professional Basketball players that molested that boy.  Feminine men are preyed upon because they are runts – the other boys want to be rough, and “fuck hoes” type of sucker behavior, and the soft ones are left with the sexual predators, molded, played with, dropped.  This is a young 13 year old being pimped at 1 am in the morning by WS 18 Street Mafia.  Think about that next time you are driving around Hollywood.  Do you love your children? Because gangs will put them into prostitution rings, drug cartels, whatever they can do to keep their illegal profits soaring!

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