Mad Heart, Hundred

Mad Heart, Hundred ❤

Mad heart perished bad sky

Clouds that muddy apple of eye

Secrets wrangled by tongue

This is how my heart was won

The quiet silhouette of

A princess by midnight

A hundred armies collide

A network of collisions

Mad heart takes me to you

To the blues, this merciful muse

The mystery of love

If you only knew how much?

Inspired fool, socks that

Don’t match, voice to whisper

Is she home to bring this lover repose?

To make me dream of thrones and kingdom?

Piles of home worries by my toys

Would have given up on life

If it wasn’t for wishing upon stars

For a lover so light in my eyes

Carrying me to forever

A childhood escape so pretty

Your voice brought my ears to mercy

Fighter spirit, laughter on random night

Let me be here this celebrity of my thoughts, my lust, my cravings

Seeing you dreaming asking God to merge

Me into your visions seeing

Places that I could run away with you

Even this hinterland we lived be tamed

With love pushing wickedness out frame

Thirty years of dreaming, queen conquered this mad heart

A few moments turned larks

Until I just couldn’t be alright with keeping this secret locked

This fool kingdom was won by a love for you only understood by Jokers, wild jewels.

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