Winter Ice and Pisces PlexiglasS (Poems) (2022)

Pisces Dust

Planning poetry print

Leopard bottomless

How the winter folds

Me in poker princess

Iced out stare no emotion

Nowhere aging lady

But a Pisces lover

Calls the mind out here

Vegas Flesh

Give me your mind map

On Vegas trip eating

And watching mad ball

Glad ball baskets

And leather boots to

Eye balls

See her silhouette gold

spaceship soul

Vegas flesh

Winter Ice Mint Winter Spree

Sin shopping sprees and rap

Dreamer worries Malibu

Man with a poet tongue

Crush me in the silence

Of nobody lands emotions

I will leave you off

My maps for a lacy

Affair feel my

Smokey fire space

On the log cabin

Splinter bench with tiles

Wipe me with your naked eyes


IN the wood I mine craft little red

Riding hood to your thoughts

Into semblances

Of seeing me

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