Space Badlands – Chapter 1 ” Boss Status”

Canary folded.

That was the word around the street. But with gossip is lies and Canary became boss, hog style interplanetary with cunning and the crude antics of an illiterate man.

“Man Chico, don’t even trip, Califas is pay to play – always was, always will be. Remember bad cops are good for criminals”, Canary speaks.

The year 2099, and the drug problem has morphed drug users to beasts: bug-eyed, smelling like rot, garbage eating, screaming, pug ugly, breaking into cars scavengers with wings. And this year, Canary has the right product. His worker bees fall in line or they are destroyed. Power does not come easy but once a boss becomes boss things flow.

Canary ran his drugs through Metro buses. The drivers were paid very little. They had extremely long hours and terrible life expectancy. The beast fiends prowled on innocent civilians and drivers were forced to carry ray guns.

Canary paid Metro drivers well to move his product fluidly letting his mules in and out without much push back.

To be continued

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