About my Style (Note from Melo Mylez)

Early on in my sessions writing rap, I purposefully chose a wordy, complex style using big words and conscious themes.  Why?  To combat the idea that everybody that raps is ignorant.  I also really liked being descriptive and telling stories even if they are not about me per se.  I do it like a film director does trying to create an audio experience that takes the listener into the world and pressures of a Freddie Ventura.

I use the verbal art form of rap to talk about complicated issues: social issues, psychological, difficult themes like violence, pimping, gang banging, etc.  I try to humanize people in the process while exposing the flawed logic that keeps people from reaching their true worth and potential.

Another distinct characteristic is my flow: I listened to A LOT OF JAZZ and spent a lot of time early in my development with a DJ that didn’t spare any details.  We would find loops, digging through crates religiously.  I liked Thelonious Monk a lot who was a master at offbeat (unsyncopated) styles and put that into my style. I am rhyming to a beat inside my head off from the one that is being played until I find the beat: it usually sounds cool.

Finally, I combined my early obsessions with Ice Cube, Aceyalone, KRS-1 and Saafir into my style spending many nights listening to the Wake Up show freestyles. Eventually, I made my way to take in the sessions at Project Blowed in Leimert Park on Thursday nights. I never really latched on with any artists there to create music but I soaked in the essence of what they were doing inspiring me to this day.

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