Melo Mylez – Murda Moves and Anthems (Hood Raps Crew Series 3) (Free Download)

Melo Miles Presents Hood Raps Crew – Murda Moves and Anthems Series 3 (Mixed Tape)

This is one of my favorites similar to Freddie Ventura but the boss here is named “Sinaloa Perp” who works for a drug cartel. The Capo is based out of South-East Los Angeles but has crews in New York and other major cities. It’s a very intense narrative taking him from rise to what might be his ultimate end. I took some Kanye West classics which were performed by a classical music symphony.

I created a blog to share my creative world and create my own media outlet no matter how small in audience it is now. I created an outlet for my own music with Melo Mylez Corner so that I can have my own outlet for music and share my promotional work. Eventually, I will create a shop for more commercial works. In short, I work on the independent ethos that if I create my own platform, I am my highest priority. If I try to patch on with someone else, I am way down on their priority list and can be controlled easily.

In any case, I hope you take time in your busy life to listen to something new.

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