Ice Fall, Poems 2022

Young Heart

A blaze of bricks

The beautiful new

Bold and charged

Hands pressed on fuse

Young heart holds

The quiet beat spark.

Swing Trips Money

Swirled in Dionysus playground

Gold in palm with plans

Shook still with trance

Swing on ballads gymnast grasp

Feelings of utterances true

Youthful sleep days curfew

Swinging on jungle gym highways

For play money strays

Undress me starlit sky of mine.

Dangling Transit Man

Bus trips and scaple thin of night

Pressed clothes hustle hold

On money fold

Gifted tongue, written words

Translate to community money

Making little on my needs

Compton took my car

And six months to make

My stay, office space

Office snake took transit

Away, confused spin, new

Format traps, and a new search

For fall, holding my

Princess senses, finger tips

Sketched, food labs and

County blessed.

Fifteen Candle Fall

Twisted mess of jilted success

Fall of discontent

Fifteen candles or less

Crumpled floor, dogs on radar

Brave in the darkest cold

Snowman tomorrows

Melting in twin size

Fall grey grass fusions

Are you sure of tomorrow’s


Ice Language

Pulled practical something said

Ice language stirred in check

Giant poster picturesque

Scenic trips with senses

Vowels from vision

Long silhouette hidden Spring and Summer

Behind lacy lullabies ice

Sleep in collapsing spice.

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