Melo Miles – “Blaze Marzette” (Written)

Another million or so/joint sold/own plug in fold/can get Blaze another million or so/swole is the way of the muscle/went from cop to prowler/to tussle/with snub nose muzzle/rob homes for her flowers/and cuddles/out for action/with faction/snatching potential/so when rich man get high he CEO material/when poor man get high he’s so inferior/sir/low and behold both strutting with Lucifer/this is how the hustler stroll/lucky stroke/push weight … Continue reading Melo Miles – “Blaze Marzette” (Written)

Sharing–>King Lil G Feature

A few years ago, I was digging in my spotify account for new music and came across some of King Lil G’s catalogue and was very impressed. His ability to tell his story warts and all in almost a whisper, friendly tone is incredible as it is effortless. There is no subject off limits and he discusses pain, struggle and the relentless pursuit of respect … Continue reading Sharing–>King Lil G Feature

Sharing–>Ill State Classic Video Spotlight #1

One of my favorite sounds in Hip Hop growing up and to this day are the classic artists that came out of the Windy City, Chicago. I love the musicality and hard street edge and/or silky player sound to the music. I feel that they impart a lot of authenticity, and game in their lyrics, created original music and didn’t fall back on lame gimmicks. … Continue reading Sharing–>Ill State Classic Video Spotlight #1

Sharing–>D$ Hip Hop Video Spotlight for 5/7/21

The following are some of the latest videos of up-and-coming Hip Hop music shared by my partner from the Bay, Mr. D$. I also do underground Hip Hop and Jazz video spotlights. Please support my independent website, ad free, suga free, and real to my core ethics and soul. Also check out the music and subscribe to the youtuber channels if that appeals to you … Continue reading Sharing–>D$ Hip Hop Video Spotlight for 5/7/21

DM$ Audio Chapter #1 – Reading “Long White Con” Chapter 16 by Iceberg Slim

On DM$, I will be doing a series of Audio Chapters which are a shorter version of Audio Books. I’m an avid reader and like the idea of reading out loud, recording my voice as a way of performance. Long White Con follows the story of White Folks, an Errol Flynn look-a-like born to a white father and black mother. His beloved mother supported her … Continue reading DM$ Audio Chapter #1 – Reading “Long White Con” Chapter 16 by Iceberg Slim

Denny’s (Wendy Drive) – Free Write

Canned music is playing at a scratchy whisper above kitchen fan. The night is slowing down with promises of work and a sunny day. The diner has only one patron operating this machine. This is two weeks into the new waitress’ start after a twenty five year run from the previous one. The regulars stopped coming. Outside is a tent with plastic tables pulled together … Continue reading Denny’s (Wendy Drive) – Free Write