DM$ will Explore this Week the Topic…

…of Gang Intervention work by researching internet and YouTube archives. In this expose, I would like to explore cross-cultural and socio-economic conditions that give rise to gangs. I will look at crime, economic stats, historical and regional factors behind communities impacted heavilly by neighborhood gangs. Gang Interventionists are many times respected members of their neighborhoods that put in work, did time, rehabilitated and found spiritual and personal growth. Many of them still live in the neighborhoods they come from and have built respect and esteem in that neighborhood. Gang Interventionists are also able to cross-over and lend their knowledge and expertise to law enforcement in able to diminish violent crime in the gang-impacted neighborhoods. Their invaluable work have helped drop crime rates in neighborhoods and have helped youth find a better path to navigate their communities and find prosperity and a lifestyle more conducive to long-term success.

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